GECOS was present at the 8th European Fuel Cell Conference in Naples, Italy, from December 9th to December 11th. The conference gathered together academic and industrial experts in the field of hydrogen production and use, and offered stimulating discussions about the evolution of fuel cells, electrolysers, and hydrogen-based devices, as well as their scenario implementation at large scale.

A special workshop was devoted to Hydrogen Trains, which are gaining attention as a clean-fuelled alternative for difficult-to-electrify railway lines.

During the conference, members of the GECOS Group held oral presentations to be included in the Conference Proceedings:
– “GRASSHOPPER project: Grid Assisting Modular Hydrogen PEM Power Plant” (Stefano Campanari)
– “Sizing of integrated solar photovoltaic and electrolysis systems for clean hydrogen production” (Paolo Colbertaldo)
– “Comparison of humidification systems for flexible stationary PEMFC power systems” (Elena Crespi)
– “Supply of solar electricity to uninterruptible loads via seasonal storage with power-to-power systems” (Giulio Guandalini)

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