C4U: Advanced Carbon Capture for steel industries integrated in CCUS Clusters

Funded by the European Union H2020 programme, C4U is a holistic interdisciplinary project addressing all the essential elements required for the optimal integration of CO2 capture in the iron and steel industry as part of the CCUS chain. This spans demonstration of two highly efficient solid based CO2 capture technologies for optimal integration into an iron and steel plant and detailed consideration of the safety, environmental, societal, policy and business aspects for successful incorporation into the North Sea Port CCUS industrial cluster in Belgium and the Netherlands.

C4U elevates from TRL5 to TRL7 two highly energy-efficient high-temperature solid-sorbent CO2 capture technologies for decarbonising blast furnace gas and other carbon containing gases. For the first time, in combination, these two technologies will target up to 90% of the total emissions from the steel plant that come from a variety of sources. In addition, C4U analyses the optimal design for full-scale integration of such technologies in industrial plants operated by the world’s largest iron and steel manufacturer, ArcelorMittal.

Project start date: 1 April 2020
Project expected end date: 31 March 2024

For further details, please visit the project website (https://c4u-project.eu/).

For additional information or queries, please contact Prof. Giampaolo Manzolini (giampaolo.manzolini@polimi.it).