Hydrogen for the Energy Transition

On November 28th, the Department of Energy of PoliMi hosted the Italian Hydrogen Conference "Stati Generali dell'Idrogeno e delle Celle a Combustibile" (H2FC2018), in collaboration with ENEA, H2IT, and HyLaw. The event was coordinated by Prof. Stefano Campanari (full professor at PoliMi and GECOS member) and Prof. Andrea Casalegno (full professor at PoliMi who collaborates with GECOS within the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Initiative).

The event was an occasion to discuss the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, with a special focus on clean production pathways and applications in mobility. Participants from the FCH JU and from the Hydrogen Council summarised results form recent research projects and prospective analyses that show how this fuel will be critical for decarbonization. Industrial partners exhibited recent developments of commercial products that highlight how industry is ready for larger adoption, but favourable policies need to be implemented. Italian government representatives were also present, who showed interest in the development of hydrogen applications, in the view of a combination of technologies for a clean energy system.

Further information about the speakers and the industrial partners who participated is available at the following link.

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