Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electrochemical Energy Systems

Fuel cells and electrochemical energy systems in general are a focus of our group from many years. Prof. Stefano Campanari originally started working on hybrid Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)-Gas turbine cycles for very high efficiency energy conversion applications. The work also involved detailed theoretical modelling of each component.

At the moment the focus is on high and low temperature electrochemical systems (i.e., SOFC, MCFC, PEM) for distributed and centralised high efficiency power generation. Moreover, reversible electrochemical systems are also extensively studied as storage technologies associated to the production of synthetic fuels and power-to-gas. Applications of fuel cells for Carbon Capture and Storage are also addressed in depth.

At the moment the group is also active within the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Initiative of the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano - Visit our website www.fch.polimi.it

Energy conversion with fuel cells

Simulation of energy systems for stationary or mobile applications

Finite volume (1-3D) and CFD simulation of PEM, MCFC and SOFCs

Laboratory of Micro-Cogeneration for testing of PEM, SOFC and other small-scale power generation units (up to 100 kWe)

Analysis of energy balances through measurements and system detailed modelling

Simulation of Large scale power generation with Carbon Capture, SOFC and MCFC + CCS power plant

Simulation of reversible SOC systems for grid management of fluctuating renewables

Simulation of reversible MCC systems with coupled renewables and natural gas grid connection

Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen production from fossil fuels, co-production of hydrogen and electricity with CO2 capture

Hydrogen production with membrane fuel processors

Hydrogen production with electrolysis, focusing on Power-to-gas (P2G) / grid injection

Hydrogen liquefaction

Power-to-Gas (P2G)

Long-term potential for excess energy recovery from RES at regional and country-scale

P2G and wind park coupling optimisation, dynamic operation, competition with other fast-ramping technologies

Hydrogen blending in natural gas pipelines and quality tracking1

Integration of electric grid with BEV and H2-FCEV mobility (multi-nodal modeling at country-scale, dispatch model, storage system analysis; driving cycle simulations for light and heavy duty vehicles)


For further information on hydrogen and electrochemical systems, contact Prof. Stefano Campanari at stefano.campanari@polimi.it

Recent publications

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