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Demonstration of a combined heat and power 2 MWe PEM fuel cell generator and integration into an existing chlorine production plant. The project started in January 2015 and was completed in December 2018. The project developed a CHP PEM fuel cell power plant to generate 2 MWel, recovering by-product hydrogen from a chlor-alkali industrial process.…


The project started in November 2018 and during its 42 months lifetime will validate an innovative value chain for the production of green biodiesel from secondary biomass. Five innovative process units (Catalytic Cracking, BTX recovery, Sorption-Enhanced Reforming, Electrochemical Compression, Membrane MeOH synthesis Reactor) will be developed from TRL3 to TRL 5 and their integration will…


The project started January 7th, 2017 and it is planned to be completed by June 30th, 2020. Source:  More information on this project can be found at the following link. Contact Prof. Matteo Romano for additional information at