REALISE CCUS: Demonstrating a refinery-adapted cluster-integrated strategy to enable full-chain CCUS implementation

The vision of the project is to support the rapid and large-scale delivery of CCUS technology in the refineries sector – by 2025 – with follow-on projects in place from 2030. We expect to achieve at least a 30% reduction in CO2 capture costs for refineries and a 90% increase in the overall rate of CO2 capture. We aim to do this by solving technical challenges and developing policy and regulatory solutions, which overcome societal, socio-political and socio-economic barriers.

Sintef (Norway) leads the REALISE project.

Politecnico di Milano is involved in the techno-economic analysis of the process, in particular to capture up to 90% CO2 from operating refineries by integrating a multi-absorber concept for capturing CO2 from different stacks.

Project start: 01/05/2020.

Project expected end: 30/04/2023.

Project website:

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