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  • Address: Campus Bovisa - Via Lambruschini, 4 - 20156 - Milano
  • Phone: +39-02-2399.3845
  • Fax: +39-02-2399.3913
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MS in Mechanical Engineering (GPA 5.00/5) from University of Illinois at Chicago (2001) defending the thesis "An assessment of Combined Heat and Power for medium-sized commercial applications"

Laurea (100/100 cum laude) in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (2002) defending a thesis on the analysis and optimization of the high temperature and high pressure lines of a cogenerative natural gas combined cycle

MS in Petroleum Engineering (GPA 3.66/4) from Stanford University (2005) defending the thesis "Streamline-based simulation of three-phase, multicomponent flows in porous media"

PhD degree in Energy Engineering (cum laude) from Politecnico di Milano (2006) defending the dissertation "Liquid hydrogen from clean coal"

Main steps in academic career and work experiences:

Nine-month internship at Snamprogetti SpA (2001-2002), the mechanical engineering company of ENI

Postdoctoral fellowships (2006-2007) at Politecnico di Milano on the conceptual development of the system for the generation of variable composition syngas in the Bicocca fuel cell power plant within the program "Sviluppo di un sistema MCFC pressurizzato e sperimentazione di un impianto dimostrativo da 500 kW alimentato con gas di sintesi a composizione variabile" funded by the Italian Government

Postdoctoral fellowship (2007-2008) at Politecnico di Milano on the mitigation of emissions of greenhouse gases from plants for the co-production of electricity and fuels

Assistant professor (2008-present) at Politecnico di Milano in the sector "Energy and Environmental Systems" ING/IND-09

Personal skills and research interests:

Direct- and indirect-approach analyses of fluid phase equilibria for reactive and non-reactive mixtures

First- and second-law analyses of thermodynamic cycles and industrial processes

Conventional fuel- and biomass-fired power plants

Ammine- and ammonia-based carbon capture

Main developer of the "non-soluble-gas/non-volatile-liquid cycle"

Use of MATLAB, Fortran 90/95, Visual Basic for Applications, LaTeX and Microsoft Office package


Chief of Operations in the Laboratory of Micro-Cogeneration

Advisor and co-advisor of a number of graduate thesis on the capture of carbon dioxide from flue gases of conventional coal plants employing ammonia aqueous solutions

Technical responsible of the experimental apparatus built within the program "Technologies for fossil fuel utilization and CO2 capture" carried out at the LEAP Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano


Research assistantships issued by Stanford University and University of Illinois at Chicago

Two-year scholarship issued by Nuovo Pignone, a turbomachine company of General Electric

70% tuition reduction at Politecnico di Milano

List of publications

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